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Discover THE TARU VANA's Dwarf Mango Tree Seeds in Bangalore. Our 5g bag of non-GMO seeds offers exceptional quality and robust growth. Ideal for home gardens, these seeds are the best choice for cultivating healthy, compact mango trees. Start your mango-growing journey with us today!


Why to buy from outside when you can grow your own.


1. Non-GMO Quality: Our Dwarf Mango Tree Seeds are 100% non-GMO, ensuring safe and natural plant growth.
2. Optimized for Small Spaces: Perfect for home gardens, these dwarf seeds produce compact mango trees suitable for limited spaces.
3. High Yield Potential: Enjoy an abundant harvest of juicy, flavorful mangoes from our carefully selected seeds.
4. Resilient Growth: Bred for strength, our seeds ensure healthy trees with greater resistance to diseases and pests.
5. Easy to Grow: With a high germination rate, our seeds are ideal for both novice and experienced gardeners.

Dwarf Mango Tree Seeds

₹155.00 Regular Price
₹99.05Sale Price
    • Chemical-Free: Say goodbye to harmful chemicals as our kit is designed to promote organic and sustainable gardening practices.
    • Plastic-Free: We steer clear of nano plastics and micro plastics commonly found in plastic pots, ensuring a safer and eco-friendly growing environment.
    • Heirloom Seeds: We exclusively use non-GMO heirloom seeds, preserving traditional plant varieties and promoting biodiversity.
    • Support and Guidance: We are with you every step of the way, providing support until your first harvest. Plus, optional workshops are available at an additional cost to further enhance your gardening skills.
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