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Buy the best Fruit plant growing kit for yourself and make your body healthy and can get the most tasty fruit for your love once's and make them happy.

Fruitful Beginner Kit

Orange plant Kit
Fruitful Beginner Kit
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Taru Vana flower Blossom Set


Floral Blossom Set

Indulge in nature's beauty with our Organic Floral Blossom Set. Grow vibrant, pesticide-free blooms effortlessly. Perfect for flower enthusiasts.

Taru Vana fruit Beginner Kit


Fruitful Beginner Kit

Embark on your fruit-growing journey with our Organic Fruitful Beginnings Kit. Grow pesticide-free fruits effortlessly. Perfect for beginners.

Taru Vana vegetable Patch Starter


Veggie Patch Starter

Kickstart your garden with our Organic Veggie Patch Starter Kit. Grow pesticide-free vegetable effortlessly. Ideal for beginners.

apple plant

Best Health Option for Love one

An ode to our innate bounty of fruits


Explore the essence of pure, unadulterated nature with our Fruit Plant Kit. Our seeds are sourced and ground straight from the earth, ensuring they remain untouched by lab testing or chemical treatments. Embrace the true essence of organic farming with our USP: 100% natural, chemical-free, and organically grown seeds, ready to cultivate a bounty of delicious, wholesome fruits right in your own garden.

Optimal health choice for loved ones

An homage to the earth's bounty of vegetables.


Embark on a journey of organic gardening with our Vegetable Plant Kit. Our seeds are meticulously sourced and ground directly from the earth, ensuring they remain free from lab testing or chemical treatments. Experience the purest form of nature with our USP: 100% natural, untreated seeds, guaranteeing an organic harvest that's both flavorful and wholesome. Cultivate your own vibrant vegetable garden, knowing you're embracing sustainability and the true essence of organic farming.

 vegetables Plant Kit
FLower Plant Kit

Ultimate Natural Beauty Gift for Loved Ones

A hymn to nature's blooming treasures.


Discover the beauty of nature's palette with our Flower Plant Kit. Our seeds are carefully sourced and ground directly from the earth, ensuring they remain untouched by lab testing or chemical treatments. Embrace the essence of organic gardening with our USP: 100% natural, untreated seeds, promising vibrant blooms and fragrant blossoms for your garden sanctuary. Cultivate a haven of floral enchantment, knowing you're nurturing your blooms in harmony with the earth.

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Easy to Grow

Transform your gardening game effortlessly with our kits: Harness the power of cocopeat for simplicity, paired with our natural growth booster for consistently vibrant plants. Elevate your green space today!

Simple Kits

Unlock the joy of gardening effortlessly with our natural growth kits, ensuring nutrient-rich harvests. Experience simplicity, taste freshness. Start your journey to homegrown goodness today!

No Chemicals

Nurture your skin with the purity of nature. Discover our kits, crafted with all-natural ingredients, free from harmful chemicals. Embrace a healthier, radiant glow, naturally.

No Micro-Plastics

Indulge guilt-free in our all-natural products, meticulously crafted to ensure zero presence of microplastics. Experience purity like never before.

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Plant Growing Kits
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Green is the symbol of life

With a plant, you're not just gifting an item — you're gifting an experience. And that's what makes it so special. It's something that can possibly last a lifetime, and something enjoyed at any season and any occasion.

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Why Taru Vana?

Non-GMO Seeds Image


Choosing non-GMO/heirloom seeds is the initial stride towards fostering nutritious food and securing a safer future

Heirloom Seeds

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Correct Guidance

We not only provide you with a guide to kickstart your gardening journey with our kits but also offer continuous support until your first harvest.

Complete support

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We not only guide your gardening journey but support until first harvest for self-sustainability. Become the master of your food source. 


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